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View of the Nazca Line from a plane

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The town of Nazca is synonymous with its greatest attraction: the Nazca Lines. These ancient glyphs are so big that they’re best viewed from high above in a plane and their mysterious origins capture the attention of travelers from around the globe. Take off on a flyover tour of the iconic Nazca Lines and dive deeper into the region’s compelling history with more of our private and small group Nazca tours.

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Yes. For Peru for Less, safety is of utmost importance. Pilots are highly experienced and complete yearly simulator training. Each aircraft undergoes maintenance and complies with safety regulations and policies issued by Peru’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation, or Dirección General de Aviación Civil (DGAC). A first-aid kit, oxygen system and fire extinguishers are aboard each aircraft.

The Nazca Lines are about 6 hours (260 miles or 419 km) by car from Lima.

The fastest way to see the Nazca Lines from Lima is to take a bus or private car from Lima to Pisco (3–4 hours). You’ll board the flight at the Pisco airport and fly the remaining distance (about 45 minutes) to the Nazca Lines. Alternatively, you can drive further to airports in Ica or Nazca for a shorter plane ride to the geoglyphs.

1-2 days. As Nazca overflights operate from morning to early afternoon, an early bus leaving Lima around 6:00 a.m. is necessary to get to the airport on time for an overflight the same day. After the flight it is possible to take a bus back to Lima, but we recommend an overnight in Paracas to split up the long bus journeys and to take advantage of the activities available in Paracas.

We recommend staying in nearby Paracas instead of Nazca or Ica. Paracas has a lot more hotel options, as well as activities, than the latter two cities. Our top Paracas hotels include:

  • 5-Star Hotel Paracas, a Luxury Collection Resort
  • 4-Star Hacienda Bahia Paracas
  • 2-Star Gran Palma

A Nazca overflight is best done in the morning to early afternoon. Wind conditions are often too strong to operate during the afternoon and evening.

A Nazca overflight allows you not only to see the famous Nazca Lines but also the beautiful desert and vineyard scenery that extends from Lima to Nazca. The geoglyphs you’ll view from the plane include: the whale, monkey, condor, hummingbird, spider, dog, hands, tree, astronaut and trapezoid, as well as some geometrical shapes.

The Nazca observation tower is an alternative to see the Nazca Lines for those who don’t want to fly. However, views are not nearly as impressive. You’ll see the tree and the hands, albeit obliquely.

Yes. We recommend opting for the Nazca overflight for this once in a lifetime tour of the Nazca Lines. A flight will allow you to see significantly more of the lines than the observation tower. However, passengers prone to motion-sickness or nervous about the small plane may be better off visiting the observation tower.

Nazca overflights are done in Cessna Grand Caravan aircrafts which are small, 12 passenger planes. In order for everyone on the flight to get outstanding views of the geoglyphs the plane will tilt and turn frequently throughout the ride. Taking anti-nausea medication before the flight is recommended.

All passengers will be weighed before the flight. Any passengers weighing more than 220 lbs (100 kg) will need to pay for an additional seat.

Nazca Lines, Peru

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