In South America: Untamed Winds [Video]

Witness South America´s incredible landscapes, weather phenomenons and cultural rarities in a film that follows the adventure of three lifelong friends.
In South America: Untamed Winds video
In South America: Untamed Winds video

When we presented the stunning short-film ‘Experience Imagination: In South America’ earlier this year, the response we received was overwhelming – they wanted more, and so did we.  Fortunately for all of us, the talented filmmakers who brought us part one — the first dose of their incredible experience on a 4-month journey through South America — didn’t make us wait too long for the second video.

The new short-film, ‘In South America: Untamed Winds’ follows lifelong friends, and filmmakers, Vincent Urban, Clemens Krüger, and Stefan Templer on a four-month road trip through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and southern Brazil.  Along the way they witnessed the continent’s natural beauty and were confronted with difficult weather conditions.

“I hope a viewer is able to feel the time passing, the huge distances, the loneliness, and even the struggles of doing such a trip,” Urban says. “It’s not like Disneyland where you walk from one attraction to another. It’s an adventure.”

The film takes us on an adventure, acting as a guide, and leading the viewer through incredible landscapes, weather phenomenons and cultural rarities. The three friends are not just a strong traveling team, but their combined artistic eye comes through in the creation of this strong and vibrant film, set to the effervescent sounds of Other Lives’ Dust Bowl III.

“On a trip like the one we took, you experience many different stories, landscapes, and people,” Urban says. “I don’t believe it’s possible to make a film that covers every experience from a trip in just one clip.”


Bernard Schelein, director of Latin America for Less, says that when traveling we should seek experiences that challenge our own imagination. “I chose to work with Vincent, Clemens, and Stefan because they believe that travel and film are art forms. I encouraged them to let their minds go and project their travel experience as a real art from,” Schelein says.

“I did not ask them for a ‘commercial’ short clip; I was fine with them letting their minds go and projecting real art. After all, we want our travelers to be certain that we are not your average travel agency, but on the other hand, we are travelers who have the sensibility to craft real travel experiences for you.”

The first video of the series received high praise from viewers, and travel industry followers, including the International Ecotourism Society and PureTravel. On Vimeo it was watched by over 500,000 viewers and was named a Vimeo ‘Staff Pick.’

Read our article on the first video in the series, and then be sure to check out our interview with Vincent Urban, the creative mastermind behind the series.

Update: In South America: Untamed Winds, has been featured on CNN Travel! Check out CNN’s article here.