Experience Imagination: In South America [Video]

Watch Experience Imagination to see what happens when three friends embark on an epic road trip through South America!
Perito Moreno - Argentina Patagonia
Perito Moreno - Argentina Patagonia

The film, Experience Imagination: In South America, condenses some of the continent’s most thrilling travel experiences into a video of just less than 6 minutes. It was shot by renowned travel videographers Clemens Krüger, Vincent Urban, Stefan Templer and edited by Vincent Urban to music by Ólafur Arnalds.

Armed with a few cameras, these lifelong friends drove across some of South America’s most diverse landscapes and captured awe-inspiring footage that is a truthful representation of the dramatic scenery and sharp contrasts that exist on the continent’s geographic palette.

The experience, Urban said, was overwhelming. “The glaciers and Iguazu Falls were mind-blowing. But, for me, it was the little things, like fighting nature’s nagging games, which were the most memorable. I think the experiences and lessons you gain from traveling are highly unique and cannot be replicated through a school education, books or television.

“Seeing nature in all its beauty, as is the case for South America, really makes you care about our little planet. It’s not only the places and people you meet that spark your intellectual curiosity – it’s also about enjoying the present moment.”

The video evokes a sense of the emotion and wonder experienced by the continent’s visitors.  Bernard Schelein, director and founder of Peru For Less, said: “The first time I saw this short film it stirred so many emotions in me. It reminded me why I got into the travel business. This video embodies the experience we wish everyone could have.”

Bernard, a passionate traveler who has always been fueled by imagination, believes the film captures South America’s raw beauty and seductiveness. “It is free spirited art,” he says. “To share their joy and sensibility is a travel experience in itself.

Experience Imagination: In South America is not a conventional, crowd-pleasing video that most travel agencies would associate with. It’s a truthful short-film that illustrates the diverse magical allure of South America that we hope our clients experience.”

To be continued: Vincent, Clemens, and Stefan are already working on Part II, which will be released later this year.

Patagonia, South America, Adventure, Peru Vacations, Peru for LessA lone boat in Patagonia.
Photo from Experience Imagination video

Visitors enjoying some time on a beach in South America.Beach shenanigans
Photo from Experience Imagination video

A spare tire on a vehicle on a deserted road in rural South America.On the open road.
Photo from Experience Imagination video

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