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Flying over the desert of Peru and looking down on the Spider Nazca Line.

Nazca Lines: Complete Visitor’s Guide

Learn about the history, meaning, location and tour options for one of the world’s greatest mysteries, the Nazca Lines located in the desert plains of Peru.

A new Nazca Line of a human figure wearing a headdress. A processed image identifies the lines.

140+ New Nazca Lines Discovered in Peru

Using artificial technology, a team of scientists have found 143 new Nazca Lines, including glyphs of humans, animals, and abstract shapes etched in the Peruvian desert floor.

Looking down over the hand and tree Nazca Lines from a plane high above the desert floor of Peru.

How to See the Nazca Lines: Planning Your Trip

The best way to see the Nazca Lines is by taking a 30 minute charter flight to observe them from the air. For those on a budget, there is also a free viewing tower at ground level.